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John  Rhymer

John Rhymer


Prior to establishing the company in 2005, John had a long and accomplished career in the TV and film rigging industry, working on various productions and projects in the UK, Europe and Asia he gained a great and recognised track record.

John formed the idea for Just Rigging from his experiences and day to day work.

Having encountered multiple cases of unusable equipment and precarious situations, seeing damaged and inferior rigging equipment which either required replacement or on-site repairs to make it safe to use.

John decided things in the industry really had to change for the better and set out to form the company you now know and see today, Just Rigging & Inspections Scotland Ltd.

Starting out initially on his own as a mobile rigger/rigging inspector, working from a single van, the company quickly grew and the company's impeccable reputation quickly spread throughout the entertainment industry.

With demand remaining constant and clients remaining loyal, John has achieved his goal of building a safer environment for all to be part of as well as a company which makes a real difference to everyone's safety throughout the industry.

The Engineers

Our team of qualified engineers have a combined knowledge and experience of over 80 years within the live entertainment industry. The team consists of four engineers headed up by our lead engineer. Our team work on specific principles in a demanding industry and work to tight deadlines – they go over and above to carry out their job professionally, to see that all projects are completed on time, every time. With continued development and investment into our team’s future, skills and qualifications - we aim to keep our engineers fully trained, certified and up to date with all new developments in technology within our industry.


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We are an accredited company for the following...

  • LTM
  • Certified Hoist Technician
  • Milos. Works Better.
  • Doughty
  • Serapid
  • Tractel
  • Mobiltechlifts
  • LEEA
  • ABTT
  • PSA
  • ISO 9001
  • SSIP

About Us

We work predominately within the entertainment and events industries to service, maintain, inspect and certify equipment that come under LOLER and PUWER regulations.

Our team of qualified engineers have a combined knowledge and experience of over 80 years within this unique industry.

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